UFO светодио дный 216 Вт светодиодный растительный свет 72X3 Вт светодио дный s полный спектр растительный ящик 410-730nm для комнатных растений и цв...

UFO светодио дный 216 Вт светодиодный растительный свет 72X3 Вт светодио дный s полный спектр растительный ящик 410-730nm для комнатных растений и цв...


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Full Spectrum 216W 72x3W LED Grow Light 85~265V Hydroponics Plant Lamp Ideal for All Phases of Plant Growth and Flowering


For: Hydroponics,Vegetables and Flowering plants

Features:Increase yield and decrease growth circle

Light Type: Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Material: Alunimium

Beam Angle: 180 Degree

Power: 216W

Net Weight: 0.85kg


LED Quantity: 72 leds

Fan Quantity:1pcs (Protecting of the radiating of the bulb and expand the lifetime)

LED Color: 52Red + 12Blue + 2White + 2UV + 2IR + 2Warm

Spectrum: Red:640-670nm; Blue:450-470nm; White:6500K; UV: 380nm; IR: 730nm; Warm:3500K

Voltage requirement: AC 85-265V

Led Tips: new Epistar

Recommended Height: 1.0-1.5Meter

Working Temperature: -20 to 50 °C

Operating Humidity: 0%~80% relative humidity


Warranty: 3 year

Here is how specific wavelength works:

280 ~ 315nm: Less influence for plant’s growth.
315~400nm: (UV)Absorb less chlorophyll, prevent stem growth.
400~520nm (Blue): Absorb much chlorophyll and carotenoid, helpful for photosynthesis.
520~610nm (Green): Absorb little chlorophyll.
610~720nm (Red): Increase photosynthesis for plants, help growth.
720~1000nm(IR): Less absorption, effect flowering and seed.
>1000nm: Change to heat.

UV is sterilization, disinfection
IR is to promote the flowering,and fruiting
Powerful cooling fan system inside,Cool and Quieter
1pcs strong hanging kits are available for easy installation
Comfortable and bright lighting environment
Features:increase yield and decrease growth circle
For:hydroponics vegetables,herbs and flowering plants

Package Includes:

1pcs LED Grow Light + the hang steel wire + the plug(we ship the plug according to different country)

Our LED grow lights will promote extreme growth in seeding vegetation and flowering cycles resulting in HUGE yields with less heat, guaranteed!
We have tested the light on our own plants with great success, so it is 100% works , this is the major difference between other seller\'s products.

Why Choose US?
1. All of our LED grow lights are designed by a specific LED grow light engineer with many years experience .
2. 100% can help your plants grow very well: Our LED grow lights have been tested by real world Lettuce ,rose and tomatoes growing experiments ,unlike other sellers\' products our LED grow lights can 100% help your plants grow well . we tested all of our products before bringing them to the marketplace . if you do not satisfied with it , send it back and let us give you a full refund.

We can customize color and wavelength for you on your request , so if you have any request just feel free to contact us . and we are very pleasure to help you all the way.

What kind of plants you can grow with our led grow lights?
Flower Plants: Medical Plants, Tomatoes, Pepper, Rose, pepper and other plants
Herbs and leafy vegetables: Lettuce, bok choy ect
Indoor potted landscape