Женские ботинки, натуральная кожа, 2018 г. зимние ботинки с ботильоны. Кожаные повседневные Ботинки martin с высоким берцем, бесплатная доставка

Женские ботинки, натуральная кожа, 2018 г. зимние ботинки с ботильоны. Кожаные повседневные Ботинки martin с высоким берцем, бесплатная доставка


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Notice of holidays Chinese New Year holiday in the transport sector and the productive sector Order on January 26 Stop shipping February 14 Normal delivery I wish new and old customers a happy New Year.

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Purchase Notes: The order is the American shoe size Foot length + foot width + foot thickness = shoe size Please accurate measurement of the shoe size corresponding to the selection Purchase colors prevail in picture Image size data, based on USA5 code Russia is cold due to the weather It is recommended to buy natural wool Recently there are some bad sellers Stealing the company\'s picture Deceive customers with inferior materials My store guarantee Upper material: natural leather Shaft material: high quality microfiber Lining material: natural wool and artificial fluff Different materials, different prices Buying Considerations: 1 product transportation, we can not control, if there is delay in transit, please allow us to extend the time of receipt. 3 We are factory direct , post-production is complete, immediate access to the sealed packaging and transport . Keep the product in a well ventilated dry out for a few days , there is no odor 4 Our shoes size is US size, not UK. And because different buyers have different size table, so Please choose size according to your foot length. As a responsible seller,we recommend the buyer measure your foot to make sure you choose the correct size. Feedback 1.If you get and like our items, the positive feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks for your support. Your suggestion is the driving force of my progress 2. Please contact us before you leaving the negative or neutral, rest assured that we solve the problem in the best way FAQ: Q: Hi, I want to get more offers A: It is recommended to add a shopping cart or wish list, the company will issue coupons on a regular basis Praise five-star praise high-quality old customers, the company will send an additional coupon every month Coupons and discount stores use superposition oh Q: The length of the measurement and shop marked the same? A: We measured in the subject USA 5 yards, shoe size is not the same, the measured data are not the same.Each increase in a code to increase 0.5CM, Different measurement methods, there will be an error of about 0.5CM. Q receipt of the goods can not reach my expectations how to do? A is because it is handmade, the production process is inevitable more or less glue overflow or other places minor flaws (including international brands) If you pay particular attention to detail is recommended to the store to buy Q. I received the goods did not feel like Genuine Leather ? A leather in the production process to go through a lot of production processes, peeling, anti-corrosion, cut, split, washed, cut meat, leaching, hair removal, from the gray skin, ash, glycolysis, Layer, washed, neutralized, dozens of dyeing process Including a variety of colors of the leather need to paint waxing polishing dozens of processes I shop products will indicate the material,Genuine Leather will have a test report Q: Your store\'s price is a bit high? A: The price according to the cost of production + transportation costs + profit = sales price. For example, the production cost of 30 dollars + transportation costs 12-20 dollars (different national transport prices) + profits 3-5 dollars = 35-55 dollars, Ultra-low price quality will be guaranteed?