Дизайн дома G90B плюс WI-FI 2 г 3g GSM сигнализация Системы Сенсор комплект английский Spansih русский умный дом WI-FI GSM охранная 3g для варианта

Дизайн дома G90B плюс WI-FI 2 г 3g GSM сигнализация Системы Сенсор комплект английский Spansih русский умный дом WI-FI GSM охранная 3g для варианта


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We accept to customize alarm system what configuration you need, Method A: Contact us first, we will customize your order! Method B: Put all the products in your shopping cart,Click Buy, BUT do not pay first. We will receive your order info and will revise total price for you, after that you pay. Customs Tax &Shipping: We generally choose DHL, it takes about 5 to 7 days. But DHL will ask for customs tax. Its advantage: fast We will not be responsible for customs duty, and do not accept any negative feedback or dispute on such issue, kindly noted. Because it causes by policy of each country, we can not control it, and that is not our fault. But we can declare the goods value as your required When you placed order please tell me how much declare on the package, we will wait for 3 days If has not any response we will declare the original price on the package, thanks。 Home Design G90B Plus WiFi 2G 3G GSM Alarm System Sensor kit English Spansih Russian Smart Home WIFI GSM Burglar 3G for Option

We have G90B plus in white and black we default ship white if you need black color please leave message thanks!

Key Feature

1.GSM/ 3G+WiFi home alarm system. (3G for optional, add $25 to changed 3G)

2.Android + IOS APP application easily control, Easy to give authorization. 3.Free of alarm pushes through WiFi network. When there is no WIFI, the host will work with GPRS network. If there is neither WiFi nor GPRS network, then the alarm host will send SMS alerts. 4.Work with IP camera, The IP camera APP embeds in the host APP. Users can monitor what happen at home wherever and whenever. 5.Workable with 100pcs smart socket/wireless relay output to control simple home appliances. Relay outputs name and sockets name can be revised by users. 6. 8 scene settings and 20 linkage settings. Advanced home automation functions for perfect smart home life. 7.Workable with RFID wireless keypad. 8.20s Leaving message remotely in APP. 9.Information push promptly when AC power lost or recovered or detectors in low voltage. 10.Smart zone function: self-checking windows/doors status when away arm host. 11.100wireless defense zones, 4 wired defense zones and 4 wired relay output, Zone names can be revised by users. 12.Support ”ding dong” doorbell function. 13.Can store 6 alarm call phone No.+2 alarm SMS phone No. 14.Support Three zone types: 24H line, 1st line, 2nd line. 15.Arm/alarm Delay for each defense zone. Timed arm/disarm function. 16.Built-in rechargeable battery. 17.The host support Monitoring and two-way intercom function. When you come home, the door sensor be trigger, then the lighting will be turn on. When y ou wake up, the detector detect you , then the curtain controller will on. When you in outside you can controll air conditioner on via smart socket on APPs. PIR Motion Sensor And Door/window Sensor— Instant & Accurate Alerts When the door sensor be triggered,it will sound and send signal to the system panel. The alarm system host will sound and send SMS/call to you preset phone number. You will receive the notification at the first time. Setting step: Main menu-Defense Zone-Zone-xxx-Edit-Door Sensor-Alarm Type -Detect Door App Downloading Service Mobile phone users should enter App Store, search "Caraner 2". Download and install the APP,The host can be controlled remotely by mobile APP. For iOS and Android system Add more acccessories will make your alarm system more powerful You can install different accessories according to your different individuals needs, different accessories installed in different places,indoor and outdoor accessories together will be more effective and better, although the alarm system is very powerful,but match the combination will become a more powerful anti-theft system, it will make your home more safty. You can match with the following parts