Homsecur Беспроводной и проводной GSM/PSTN Главная охранной сигнализации + Солнечные вспышки сирена с en и fr меню регулируемый

Homsecur Беспроводной и проводной GSM/PSTN Главная охранной сигнализации + Солнечные вспышки сирена с en и fr меню регулируемый


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HOMSECUR iOS/Android APP Controlled GSM + PSTN Dual Network Home Security Alarm System

HOMSECUR Alarm Base Unit + 3 Wireless Door/Window Sensors+ Power Supply
+ 2 Remote Controls+ 2 Wireless PIR Motion Sensors+
+ 1 Solar Powered Outdoor Flash Siren

Special Function: Door/Window sensor inspection function(Most alarm system does not have this function).

Be prepared. Even in the best conditions Upgrade your expectations:

A burglar easily can disable some of the simpler, less expensive detection devices. The more complex and unfamiliar devices, the more likely the burglar is to trigger the alarm or give up trying to disable it. But getting all the high-end security gadgets will cost you a lot and it may be very hard for you to use. Here is our newest app controlled GMS alarm system, you can ARM the alarm system via remote control, iOS App or Android App, the ARM button on base unit, send SMS or just call the alarm base unit:

Trigger The Alarm System To Alarm:

When you ARM the alarm system, the door sensor, PIR motion detector or other additional detectors will in working mode, if thief want to break your door/window to get in your house, the door sensor and PIR motion detector will trigger the base unit. Or if the older/child need emergency help, they can trigger the system to alarm for help. If you frequently travel and want to make certain that your home/store is secure while you are away, or if you are a woman(or child, older) at home alone, the alarm system is an ideal choose for you and enjoy the piece of mind.

Taking Action For The Alarm:

When the alarm system is triggered to alarm, the siren immediately sound to alert the thief, the alarm base unit will call your preset alarm phone number and also send SMS to tell you which detector is triggered to alarm, then you can listen in or make two-way talking with the alarm base unit. And if you have CCTV system, you can even check what happened in the spot via CCTV camera.

Two-way SOS Talking:

If you need, you can also contact your neighbor or police, fire department, hospital or other emergency personnel to come to your home immediately. You can contact child/older to confirm whether they are okay or in need of asistance.

More Details: Life is better when you’re in control (Expandable (Optional))

Our alarm system lets you keep in touch with your home easily and conveniently, and from anywhere — on the road, at your office or while on vacation, you can buy below additional accessories to extend your alarm system.

Wireless Outdoor Flash Siren Wireless Gas Sensor Pet Friendly PIR Motion Sensor
Wireless Water Intrusion Sensor Wireless Glass Vibration/Break Sensor Wireless Smoke Sensor
Main Functions:

1 Doorbell zone.

2 door sensor inspecting zones(Door/Window sensor inspecting function): If you forget to close one of your doors/windows, you can not arm the system and it will prompt you (Most alarm system does not have this function).

With Android App and iOS App for easy control, enjoy the security.

Supports GSM SIM card or Telephone line: You can insert a GSM SIM card into base unit or connect telephone line on base unit to work.
Compatible GSM Bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz, for worldwide usage.

Elegant touch keypad Design. Friendly humanized menu and voice prompt for easy operation, all information will be displayed on screen, you can operate it like mobile phone.

Max supports 100 wireless detectors: It has 10 wireless zones, each defense zone can be coded 10 wireless detectors.

2 Wired defense zones: Can be totally connected 2 different defense zone\'s wired sensors.(Each defense zones can connect N pcs wired senssors by using Series Connection)

Tamper alarm function:there is a button at the back side of the panel, it will make alarm once the button is loosen.

Blue LCD screen with time clock and alarm status display.

Timely Arm and Disarm: You can timely Arm and Disarm the system even you are not at home.

Can store 10 phone numbers: when alarming, system will make alarm call to these numbers three times automatically.

Remote control the alarm system Arming, Disarming, Monitoring and Intercom by your cellphone(SMS, Call, APP).

10-second automatic message recording: After you connnecting the GSM SIM card, you can record 10-second message.

SOS, fire, gas, door, hall, window, balcony, and boundary places alarm.

Real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass defense zones programming function.

Wireless coding: easy to add additional wireless accessories.

SMS confirmed when you Arm/Disarm the alarm system through Text.

SMS alert for power failure or recovery.

Built-in Backup rechargeable battery: Still can last for 5 hours and Send SMS to remind you when power off.

Built-in MIC and Loudspeaker, easy for you monitor or intercom with the spot. (NOT built-in siren)

There is GSM signal bar on the LED screen: easy to check the GSM signal strength.

Can be used as GSM alarm system(with compatible GSM sim card) or Spot alarm system. (Without sim card)

You can connect more than one wireless flash siren A6 or more than one solar powered outdoor wireless flash siren A16(Red) or A17(Blue) at the same time.

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Practical Application Solar Outdoor Wireless Strobe Siren (Optional Accessory)

This is a solar powered outdoor waterproof strobe siren, when the alarm system is triggered to alarm, the outdoor strobe siren will sound and flash to alert the thief or get your neighbors attention.

Dimension: 300x190x65mm

Color: Red (If you need Blue color version, please contact us)

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Two-Way Door/Window Sensor

This is a HOMSECUR Two-Way wireless door/window sensor: If you forget to close one of your doors/windows, this two-way door/window sensor will not allow you to arm the alarm system and our alarm base unit will prompt you.

Also, If you arm the system and a window or a door is opened by thief, it will trigger the alarm ssytem to alarm.

Fireproofing(Optional Accessory)

This is a HOMSECUR wireless smoke sensor: If you install an alarm panel and smoke sensor in your house, when catching fire, it will trigger the alarm system to alarm and the alarm system will alert you by SMS & Calling.

Application: Installation Guide:

Your alarm system needs to cover every entrance in your house, as well as such important areas as the bedroom and living room. You can also decide if you need other additional detectors, password keypad and if you need the outdoor flash siren or solor powered outdoor flash siren:

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Note: Due to Airline Restriction, batteries are NOT included in this package.

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