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H4 LED H7 H11 H8 Car Headlight Bulb 12V Motorcycle 9005 9006 HB3 HB4 H9 H1 H27 880 881 72W 6000K White Auto Headlamp WOXMA Descriptions Votage: 9-16 Volt Over 50000+ hrs lifetime Color: 6000K(Cold White) Power: 36W/bulb, 72W/Pair Lumens: 4200LM/bulb,8400/Pair Replace:H4,H7,H11/8/9,H1,9006/HB4,9005/HB3, H27/880/881,9004 Plug Type H1, H3(Single beam, 2 sides) H4/9003/HB2,9004/HB1(Hi/Lo beam,3 sides) H7,H8/H9/H11, 9005/HB3,9006/HB4,H27/880,H27/881(Single beam,3 sides) Advantages
  • No any delay to light up
  • We offer a free 1 year warranty
  • H1/H3 are single beam, 3 luminous faces (360 degree), 3pcs Bridgelux Flip COB chips
  • H4/h13/9004 are hi-lo beam 3 luminous faces (270/360 degree),3pcs Bridgelux Flip COB Chips
  • H7/9005/9006/H27/881/881 are single beam,3 luminous faces(360 degree),3pcs Bridgelux Flip COB chips
  • Improved Thermal Induced heat control with Led driver and Turbo Cool fan to ensures your bulbs last longer than your car!
Package 2pcs car led headlight bulbs