HK Liitokala 36 В в 10ah литиевая батарея высокой емкости массовпосылка + В не включает 42 в 2A chager

HK Liitokala 36 В в 10ah литиевая батарея высокой емкости массовпосылка + В не включает 42 в 2A chager


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The company has a group of professional engineering and technical team, the use of imported equipment for inspection and testing, quality assurance, safe and reliable. Production of lithium battery with 18650 lithium battery in series, parallel composition, integrated protection plate, convenient for customers to use. It can be customized according to the customer\'s requirements for special specifications of the battery pack, the capacity of the battery is full capacity, parents can rest assured that the purchase and use. We are not the most expensive battery, but the quality is the best Taobao! We only sell the best, the best value of the goods, the proof of the pudding! Those who take the goods to the buyers, the sellers are that you have read the safety requirements of the lithium battery. If you use the safety rules of the lithium battery do not understand, please do not take this product! Parameters of the product Battery type: 18650. Single cell voltage: 3.7 V. Battery capacity: 2600 mAh This combination: 10 series and 4 Nominal voltage: 36 V input voltage: 42 V output voltage: 36-42 V This combination of capacity: 10000 MAH (10ah) * Battery size: 85 * 190 * 70mm (default size) 4 * 10 Total weight: 2 kg. Outer packing: blue PVC. Internal protection circuit: with charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, etc. If there is another need to contact the owner, thank you for the new and old customer consultation. [Battery charging requirements]: Please buy the charger in the store! 1: The need for special lithium battery charger; Constant tension; 2: charging voltage: 42 V 3: charging current: less than 5a Battery discharge requirements: 1: output 18 long lines, 150mm, red and black each 2: input inputs to an output line 2.1, length 150mm 3: rated discharge current: less than 10a 4: maximum instantaneous current: 40a Maximum working current: 13a 6: The product is built in the battery, the output is only 2 lines, as the output of the other requirements can be linked with the owner, the above is the default delivery parameters

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