Мини WI-FI мини Камера HD1080P с Smartphone App и Ночное видение IP охранных Камера поддерживает одновременный просмотр

Мини WI-FI мини Камера HD1080P с Smartphone App и Ночное видение IP охранных Камера поддерживает одновременный просмотр


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Micro WIFI Mini Camera HD 1080P with Smartphone App and Night Vision IP Home Security Camera Support Multiple Phones Simultaneously Watch Video


1. This product is suitable for home security monitoring Remote WIFI link 2. 1080HD HD video compression quality HD264 compression format, watching up to 1080 1 hour super video 100 degree wide angle 4. Multi-function mode, local storage video, remote mobile video, loop alarm video 5. Multi-function APP battery display remote video download detection alarm Specifications: Size: 29.5*29.5*47.5MM Video Resolution: HD 1280*1080 1080*720 640*480 Video format: MP4 Take pictures: 1280*1080 Battery Type: Built-in 400MA Lithium Battery Power consumption: 300MA/H Storage: Up to 64 TF WIFI : 2.4G Dual Channel Interface :Micro usb DC: 5V 2MA Accessories : Machine Packing Instruction Data Cable Charger Packing size: 156*48*99MM Stand-alone weight: 68G Net weight :375G

Network Camera User Manual

Thank you for purchasing this product,the camera uses a unique ultra-portable design, it can be applied in various fields, to bring you convenient /safe and colorful daily life, please follow the guide steps to using your camera .

Introduction: this product adopts the latest technology and technology, using P2P technology, the user do not need to setting when using, can be used for most of the network at home on abroad. No IP Settings are required, no UPNP Settings are required. The WIFI range is enough to cover the entire common house. Use mobile phone and computer link, disconnect automatic link, compatible with android system and apple system, easy user can watch video screen anytime and anywhere, support multiple cell phones or computer to watch.

A. Product schematic: (kinds of keys, operating position) 4 to 5 product Angle diagrams

B.Client software downloads

(1) android and iphone app downloads

Use your mobile phone to scan the qr code

Step 1: scan the qr code above Step 2: click the red arrow above to indicate location to

download the APP

Android phone users can also be downloaded from tencent APP or Google play search APP

(2) computer client download: use PC browser open the web site,

C. Use the mobile phone client

1)watch video using mobile phone point-to-point WiFi (short range mode)

Tip: you need to wait 20 seconds to get a WiFi signal from the machine

Insert the storage card and then turn on the machine. When the blue light is on, the red light will light up after two seconds. Then the blue light came on and the red light flashed. Wait for about 20 seconds. Open the WiFi or wireless network in the Settings of your phone and find the hot spot at the beginning of WisdomEye, without the password, please click on the link.When the connection is successful, open the downloaded mobile APP

The specific steps are shown in the figure.

2) Use P2P Internet (remote mode) to watch video

configured that set the cameras short-range model, and the cameras show online, click the camera on the top right corner of the Settings, choose the WIFI Settings and enter the corresponding network WIFI password. After completing the WIFI configuration, some phones can switch to WIFI or AP hotspots slowly , then reconnect with the device screen, or remove the camera reconnect.

Note: (part of the mobile phone is compatible with the compatibility problem. In the remote WIFI mode, the WIFI in the phone Settings will not be automatically switched. Please enter the Settings of the phone manually to set up the remote WIFI).

3) Manually add online devices

After confirming that the machine is connected to the network WIFI, use the qr code to add, enter the selected store, automatically jump to the APP home page, show the camera online. Phone directly online add method: after open the APP, select the top right corner to add, and then select LAN/qr code this option, you can manually enter the UID and password (the default password 123456), can also choose to scan the barcode (the qr code on the reverse of the machine)

4)Computer client operation steps

(1) first, set the computer client approach mode. Download the PC client software and install it. Finally open the switch of the machine, wait for about 20 seconds, the camera in the wireless connection of computer can be found from the hot, click on the link, and then open the client computer, add online video camera. (download the PC client method please refer to the homepage)

Warm tip: add a camera to the PC client, you must be sure to connect the camera to the WIFI hotspot after the computer is connected to the camera. The computer has no WIFI connection and can only operate the remote mode on PC client

(2) remote mode step in the computer client operation link camera: configure the remote mode in advance on the phone client. Then computer connected wi-fi router network, then open the client, add the camera, in the input box camera UID and password, when the equipment and the computer is not in a regional network need to enter the computer client Settings, select the P2P mode, enter the UID and password again, the camera name can be named according to their own preferences.

APP interface icon logo introduction

Warm tips:

1 about the firmware upgrade, when a device on the remote, can see the firmware version, if there is new firmware can remotely online upgrade the firmware (not power outages in the process of upgrading, otherwise there will be a great upgrade failure doesn\'t boot)

2. The battery display, the power of the USB battery is 100 percent, and other battery conditions are based on the actual situation

3 APP video photos are stored in the album. The SD card remote downloads video is also in the album

The SD card video is in full time and needs SD card video to enter the Settings.

For more questions, please contact the supplier. The APP will continuously optimize and add functions. Please update the APP when the new version appears.