180 Вт цифровой ёмкость тесты er Питание Индикатор dc 200 В в Электронные нагрузки разрядник резистор usb проверить тесты + 18650 батарея коробка

180 Вт цифровой ёмкость тесты er Питание Индикатор dc 200 В в Электронные нагрузки разрядник резистор usb проверить тесты + 18650 батарея коробка


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Product introduction:

8 in 1 measurement: voltage, current, power,battery capacity, impedance, temperature, energy, time, external waterproof temperature probe.

Scope of application: Universal test all kinds of batteries, all kinds of power supply, all kinds of charger Operation method: Keystrokes using method and the capacity, power, time reset Settings: 1) Reset button long-press all data (mAh、Wh、00:00:00) 2) Quickly button twice - capacity Reset (mAh) 3) Quickly button three - power reset(Wh) 4) Quickly button four - time reset(00:00:00) 5) Quickly button five - Set up automatic standby and Discharge the countdown to remind regularly 6)When no load output no-load, quick seven keys, and for the current zero to zero in the current environment temperature for accurate calibration, so more can do more accurate measurement in small current. SPECIFICATIONS: Supply Voltage/ Interface:DC6~12V / DC 5.0 or Micro USB Voltage measure Range:0.00V~200V Accuracy:0.05V Current Adjustable Range:0.00A~20A Accuracy:0.05A Capacity measure Range:0~999.999Ah Accuracy:0.01Ah Power cumulative range:0~99999.9Wh Accuracy:0.01Wh Power measure Range:0~2999.99 WAccuracy:0.01W Impedance measure Range:1~999.9 ohm Accuracy:0.01 Temperature Range :0~99℃Accuracy:1℃ Max Timing:999H59M59S Accuracy:1S Cooling Fan Power:<180W (Fan could be changed for different cooling power) Fan controlling gate: The cooling fan auto-started while the current>0.5A or the Temperature >45℃ Input/Output:20A biting screw + USB Refresh time:>500mS/time measure rate:about 2s/time Over voltage and over current alert method:Display warning window and voice warning Protecting Voltage setting Range:1~300V Low Voltage setting Range:0~149V Protecting Current setting Range:0.2~100A Protecting Power setting Range:185W Display Type:Micro power consumption, LCM module, black font, green backlit, Chinese&English Size:156.4x96x80mm Consumption Current:<1.5A Operating Temp.:-10~+60℃ Operating Humidity::10~80℃ Condensation ) Operating Pressure:80~106kPa Warning: 1) The two current knobs should be set at the lower limit before using(Counterclockwise Adjust to the end Double current knobs to 0.00A)! Then increase the current slowly. 2) When the voltage >36V, please attention to safety! Avoid electric shock 3) Several Powers should not be connected at the same time, avoid the over voltage or current to damage your power supply. 4) Slowly adjust the current while observing the displayed value, avoid the instant large current overloaded. 5) Be sure to obey the law of conservation of energy, the product of the voltage and the current should less than 180W. end!