KERUI сигнализации Системы s безопасности дома Smart Жилых Беспроводной сигнализации Системы охранной сигнализации WiFi/GSM/PSTN

KERUI сигнализации Системы s безопасности дома Smart Жилых Беспроводной сигнализации Системы охранной сигнализации WiFi/GSM/PSTN


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Original WiFi GSM PSTN RFID line telephone burglar Security Alarm System Wifi GSM home alarm Android IOS App remote controller

Real-time Feedback

Support feedback host real-time status to APP when the sensor is triggered,wherever you are, making you feel your beloveds are always in your sight

RFID disarm

Read RFID card to disarm, can learn 20 cards.

  • Operation by voice instruction,easy to use.
  • Support 2.4G WiFi wireless network,configuration net work easy.
  • Support host real-time feedback to APP.
  • Support multiple alarm operation,no quantity limited.
  • With function of alarm sms push,support IOS/Android operating system.
  • 8 zone types optional in each zone:Delay arm,delay alarm and ON/OFF siren is available.
  • Defense zones can be defined and named via APP.
  • By scan QR code on APP,8 remote controls,8 defense zones and 8*8 detectors can be set in long-distance.
  • Can set 3 groups alarm number,it works when power failure.
  • 4 groups scheduling Arm/Disarm function to finish fully intelligent automatic control.
  • Control as much as 8 groups smart sockets,1 alarm siren,1 linkage switch.
  • Can set 4 groups scheduling socket switch.
  • Panel Voice/Alarm Volume is adjustable.
  • Can work with telephone line.If the the place without WiFi,user can connect telephone line to work.

Choose Your Perfect Alarm System And Make Best Use Of It

Knowing whether you need a wireless system or a wired one. Normally wireless system is recommended for its easy installation and operation.

Knowing a complete alarm system not only includes common burglar alarm, but also fire alarm (smoke alarm), panic alarm and environmental alarm.

Count the number of doors and windows of your house which a burglar may access. Your alarm system should cover all the entrances.

If you are a pet owner, we recommend pet friendly PIR motion sensor to avoid any false alarm triggered by pets.

Decide if you need Smoke sensor, Gas sensor, Wireless Flash Siren or other accessories to refine your alarm system.

If you have problem with installation after reading user manual, it is better to contact seller for help.

In case of a false alarm, always take the very first step to check if there is any faulty installation, loose door/window sensors, low batteries or other issues.

Whether you are leaving your house for few minutes, staying at home during the day or having holiday on the other side of the world, your alarm system should be armed and ready to alert you at all times.

Knowing the quality and service guarantee from branded alarm system compared with non-branded one.

This alarm system is a high-end PSTN/GSM/WIFI alarm with stable and reliable performance and applies 2.4-inch TFT color screen and touch keyboard with built-in powerful CPU master and excellent operation experience. Host connects PIR motion sensors, door contacts, smoke detectors, gas detectors and emergency button accessories etc. After receiving an alarm, host will display the alarm zone and alarm siren on site, while text to and dialing the number preset to inform user. It\'s widely used in houses, factories, schools, shops, convenience stores, financial rooms, villas, communities and other area needed to be protected to ensure the security of the person and property at all aspects.

For most of the countries we will send via DHL or EMS, if you need a fast delivery of the goods, please contact us before buying,thank you!

Product Specifications
W2 WiFi GSM PSTN Alarm Control Panel
Power supply USB 5V
Standby Current ≤55mA
Alarming Current ≤450 mA
Built-in alarm loudness 80dB
Frequency 433MHZ
Backup battery 3.7V Li Battery
Humidity 40% ~ 80%
Working Temperature -10°C ~ +55°C
Accessories QTY Support 99PCS detectors, remote controlles, smoke, gas detectors
Size(Height x Dismeter) 65mm x 115 mm
Package include

KIT1: W2 panel*1,Wireless pir motion detector*5,Wireless door sensor*2,Wireless remote controller*4,RFID card*4,AC power adapter*1 (UK/US/EU/AU),Smoke Detector*1,Smart socket *2, Solar power siren *1, Keyboard *1,User manual*1


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