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Notice!Notice!Notice: Please see the size info to choose your size with the length or CN size! Most of autumn boots can be customize for winter by plush. If you want it,please contact with us or we would take the boots with the season. That won\'t change the appearance. Standard shoes size table: 2.5=20CM=30CN
3=20.5CM=31CN 3.5=21CM=32CN 4=21.5CM=33CN 4.5=22CM=34CN 5=22.5CM=35CN 5.5=23CM=36CN 6=23.5CM=37CN 6.5=24CM=38CN 7=24.5CM=39CN 7.5=25CM=40CN 8=25.5CM=41CN 8.5=26CM=42CN 9=26.5CM=43CN 9.5=27CM=44CN 10=27.5CM=45CN 10.5=28CM=46CN 11=28.5CM=47CN 11.5=29CM=48CN 12=29.5CM=49CN 12.5=30CM=50CN Thanks for your purchase from us. We will offer full help for any unpredictable problems,please don\'t rush to open the dispute or leave us negative feedback. 1. If you want to extend delivery date, you can contact with us directly,we will do this for you. 2. If you find something wrong with the item, you can contact with us, we will offer a satisfied solution for you. Of course, if you don\'t satisfied with our solution, you can then open dispute, it is your power. Hope you can enjoy shopping in our store, which is our highest pursuit If there is no discount. Please consult the seller to modify the price We only selling high quality products