Delux Профессиональный Проводная игровая Мышь Клавиатура Combo эргономичный одной рукой T9 мини клавиатура с оптический M618 вертикальный Мышь На...

Delux Профессиональный Проводная игровая Мышь Клавиатура Combo эргономичный одной рукой T9 мини клавиатура с оптический M618 вертикальный Мышь На...


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Delux Professional Wired Gaming Mouse Keyboard Combo Ergonomic Single Hand T9 Mini Keypad with Optical M618 Vertical Mouse Kits

  • 100% brand new and in high quality with a whole piece of ABS back cover.

  • Plug and play, do not need to install any driver, easy to use.

  • Double space key perfect for left or right hand user, convenient to control, humanized design.

  • Ergonomics design is made for gamers, officers, etc..

  • Humanized design, adding a series of shortcut function keys.

  • Delicate appearance, large and soft palm rest provides a comfortable and relaxed position which can reduce hand fatigue.

  • Mini Portable 47 keys, portable design so you can carry everywhere anytime, great for one hand control.

  • Adopting professional game chip, giving you a perfect game experience.

  • Humanized design: Add a series of shortcut function keys cooperated with FN key.

  • Great for typists, programmers, Gaming etc.

  • The vertical alignment encourages a more ergonomic operating position.

  • Easy-glide symmetrical base

  • Prevention of Mouse Hand

  • Precision performance laser for accurate tracking

  • Precision scroll wheel

  • Wireless 2.4 GHz Portable Optical mouse, comfortable touch.

  • Four special keys WASD with red cap for game, convenient to touch middle row, quickly position every button.

  • Keyboard Model:Delux T9

  • Key number: 47

  • Feature:Gaming Keyboard

  • Item:Gaming Keypad

  • Keystroke life: ≥10,000,000

  • Working temperature: 0~45℃

  • Working voltage: DC 5V

  • Key operating force: 55±7g

  • Keycaps pulling force: ≥0.8kg

  • Operation system:for Windows2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10 for Mac OS

  • Interface: USB 2.0

  • Connection Way: Wired

  • Key life: 10 million

  • Product size: approx. 225*170*34.7mm

  • Net weight: approx. 500g

  • Gross weight: approx.596g

  • Material: ABS+Rubber

  • USB Cable Length: 174cm

  • Color: Black

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Key life: 5 million strokes

  • Type: Membrane Keyboard

  • Operating Temperature: -5-+40 C

  • Wired Mouse Model: Delux M618

  • Feature:Gaming Mouse

  • Operating voltage: 5V

  • Operating current: 50mA

  • Standby current: 16mA

  • Resolution: 600/1000/1600 DPI Shift

  • Mouse Power supply: USB

  • Mouse Cable length: 160 cm

  • Mouse Material: ABS

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Color: Grey

  • Mouse Size: 136*90*86 mm

  • Application: PC, Laptop, Desktop

  • Mouse Net Weight: 178g

  • Wireless Mouse Model:Delux M618

  • Feature:Gaming Mouse

  • Color: Grey

  • Material: ABS

  • Scroll wheel lifetime: 5,000,000

  • Operating voltage: 3V

  • Operating current: <4.5mA

  • Standby current: <0.13mA

  • Resolution: 800/1200/1600 DPI Shift

  • Sensor: PAW3204UL

  • Power supply: 2 * AAA battery (not included)

  • Interface: 2.4G wireless adapter

  • System support: for Windows 7/8//10/Vista/XP

  • Cable length: 160cm / 62.99in

  • Item weight: 113.9g / 4.02oz

  • Item size: Approx. 136x90x86 mm

  • Application: PC, Laptop, Desktop

Package included:

  • 1 * Wired Single Hand Keyboard (If ordered)

  • 1 * Wireless Vertical Mouse (If ordered)

  • 1 * USB receiver (Within Wireless Mouse)

  • 1 * Wired Vertical Mouse (If ordered)

  • 1 * User Manual


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