20 Вт постоянного тока Электронные нагрузки 60 В 10A Батарея разряда Ёмкость метр тестер Батарея тестер модуль

20 Вт постоянного тока Электронные нагрузки 60 В 10A Батарея разряда Ёмкость метр тестер Батарея тестер модуль


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DSHA 120W Constant Current Electronic Load 60V 10A Battery Discharge Capacity Tester Meter battery tester Module with LCD Display

Using method: 1. Setting: Press the rotate button, the main interface and the setting interface will be switched.In the setting interface, adjust the rotary button, changing the corresponding parameters in the setting interface. The clockwise adjustment is to increase the value.The counterclockwise adjustment is to reduce the value. The data will be saved automatically after the setting is finished. Set the value unchanged after power restart.

2. Discharge: Back to the main interface, press the "start / stop" button. The system will be based on the set data(Within the range of the stopping voltage)Discharge in a constant current mode! At this point, the system starts to work, and the parameters change.
3.Pause Discharge And Stop Discharge: During the constant current discharge period, press the "start / stop" key and the system will pause the discharge so long as you don\'t pull the battery out. Capacity and discharge time are not cleared. The system discharges when the "start / stop" button is pressed, capacity and discharge time will continue to count before the superposition. But if you pull out the battery or replace the battery during the pause, they will be automatically cleared.
With OLED screen, displaying information comprehensively, clear and convenient for readings.Built-in 9cm low noise CPU fan for better dissipation.With temperature display, supporting the discharge and voltage setting.Can be used to test all kinds of power load or burn-in, also can be used to test capacity of battery discharge.Supports load maximum power 120W, maximum voltage 60V and maximum current 10A.
Check discharge results: If not save the case, you want to look at the results of a discharge completed. You can rotate the button at the main interface, choose "nowaday",press the rotate button and get the result of the last discharge. If you want to store this group of data, press the rotate button to select the storage location, press the rotate button to confirm it. Considerations: The data in "nowaday" will not be stored out of power. If you need to store, you can save the data to "store".
120W 60V 10A constant current electronic load.
This product provides 10 sets of data storage space. The data after power failure will not be lost. Each set of data stored has 4 parameters: discharge current, the voltage when the discharge is stopped, discharge capacity, discharge time.
1. Extracting stored sets data
Rotate the button at the main interface. Rotating button, you can enter the selective extraction data interfaces. Rotate the button to select the number of units to extract. Press the rotating button, the stored data is displayed on the screen, press the start / stop key to return to the main interface.
2. Storage data
This product only stores the parameters of the discharge as follows: When the discharge interface is completed, press the rotate button, access to storage data interface, rotate button to select group number, press the button again, stores and returns to the main interface.
Supply voltage: DC12V( /-5%)
Current regulation range of constant current discharge: 0-10A
Discharge voltage range: 3.3V-60V, accuracy: 0.01V
Maximum capacity range: 99999mAH
Maximum power: 120W
colour: As shown
Material: PC metal
Item size: approx. 140 * 100 * 65mm / 5.51 * 3.93 * 2.55 inch

Item weight: 316g / 11.15oz

Packabe List:
1 * 120W Constant Current Electronic tester Module
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is /- 1-3cm.