SmartYIBA Беспроводной датчик удара домашняя безопасности GSM SMS Беспроводной сигнализация, IP Камера сенсорной клавиатурой дым оповещения о пожа...

SmartYIBA Беспроводной датчик удара домашняя безопасности GSM SMS Беспроводной сигнализация, IP Камера сенсорной клавиатурой дым оповещения о пожа...


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SmartYIBA Intelligent Security Alarm System Support 2G Signal

New Smart Host

2.4-inch TFT color display screen,full voice prompts

buttons sensitive operation,more simple

WIFI/GSM/GPRS Network Alarm System

Support APP push /SMS/Voice monitoring/Center network etc. muti-channel ways, to ensure the alarm performance stable and reiable.

Reserve remote GPRS TCP/UDP protocol channel, compatible with muti-alarm center network protocol, convenient for network alarm.

Multi-zone location settings Such as gate,hall,SOS,bedroom,Window,balcony,perimeter,smoke,gas, Carbon monoxide,water leaking etc zone name settings 5 types defense zones setting Ordinary zone,stay arm,24-hour emergency zone,closed zone, doorbell zone,Meet a variety of needs, don\'t miss any call >>Note: this alarm panel only support 2G GSM SIM Card, not support 3G/4G SIM. >>Daily Operation Nouns: Arm:Set security task(i.e.Anti-burglar),Make the host into alert state,also known as Arming ,Alert or Booting.Designate security guard mission(i.e Anti burglar),set alarm host into on-guard status,also called Arming,Alert or Power on. Stay Arm:In case the user is at home,only set alert to entrance/exit or perimeter,also called home alert. Disarm:Withdraw security task(i.e.Anti-burglar),also called withdraw alert or power off. Trigger:Under Arm state ,detector detects someone or door is opened ,it wwill trigger the detectors and make alarms. Exit delay:after setting the host to be ARM state,in order to avoid making alarms for the users leaving and passing the Arm zones,delay the alarm time. Entry delay:When users come back and pass the Arm zones,the host will not immediately make alarms,it will allow users to disarm the host with some time,the host will make alarms if time out beyond the disarm. Alarm:When the host create alarm action,acousto-optical alarm signal arises,the host will send SMS message to the preset mobile phone ,dial the preset user telephone number,create push to mobile phone APP.or send alarm information to intranet security center.

>>Product Description:

*2.4inch TFT display screen,concise user interface and menu hint disign. *Main interface status bar,date/clock indication,fairly obvious alarm host status. *Built-in powerful performance CPU master based on 32-bit Cortex-M3 core. *Based on uCOS-III operating system.with multitasking design,great user operation exprience. *WIFI/GSM//GPRS intranet alarm system,support different alarm APP push/SMS/voice monitoring/intranet center etc. to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable. *Support SMS arm/disarm and voice arm/disarm. *Support up to 100 learning /storage location for remote control,RFID cards and wireless detector. *Support the main power malfunciton ,backup power shortage,tamper alarm and other extended alarm. *Support entry/exit zone,indoor zone,perimeter zone,24-hour zone etc. *Support external wireless siren. *Support timing arm and disarm. *Can store and inquire daily operation records and alarm records. *GSM Network clock synchronization,to ensure accurate clock ,and support country time zone setting. *Support multi-language menu display,voice prompts and alarm SMS setting. *Can record 20 seconds voice message and alarm voice. *Telephone function,support 5 groups re-dial number. *User-friendly APP operation experience and user interface. *Push Arm/disarm message to APP *Support APP remote arm/diarm,parameter setting and accessory management. *Online GPRS to obtain equipment status,automatic alarm when offline. *Reserved remote GPRS TCP/UDP protocol channel ,compatible with multiple alarm center networking protocol to facilitate network alarm. *Center remote control. >>>Feature: Power input:DC 5V(micro USB standard interface power supply) Working current:<120mA Standby current:<80uA Wireless frequency:433Mhz Wireless coding:EV1527 GSM Bands:850/900/1800/1900Mhz Wi-Fi bands:IEEE802.11b/g/n RF standard Standby battery:3.7/500mAh lithium-ion Temperature range:0-55 degree Humidity range:<80%RH ( NO Freezing) >>>Package contents: ​ YB103 : 1* Alarm Host YB10318 : 1 * Alarm Host + 8* Wireless PIR Motion Detector+11* Wireless Door Sensor+4* Wireless Remote Controller+2*RFID Keyfobs+1*Wireless Smoke Sensor Detector+2*Wireless Shock Sensor+1*Wireless Panic Button+1*IP Camera+1*Wireless Strobe Siren With Backup Battery