Sogou Pro профессиональный умный голос переводчик путешествия Мульти-язык перевода сокровище одновременных китайский английский Оффлайн

Sogou Pro профессиональный умный голос переводчик путешествия Мульти-язык перевода сокровище одновременных китайский английский Оффлайн


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Product highlights

Two-way online translator: 42 languages cover all continents.

Chinese/ Hindi/ Portuguese/ Tamil/ English/ Vietnamese/ Turkish/ Latvian/ apanese/ Czech/ Bengali/ Bulgarian/ Korean/ Malay/ Hungarian/ Croatian/ Thai/ Finnish/ Spanish/ Slovak/ German/ Swedish/ Arabic/ Afrikaans/ French/ Polish/ Italian/ Indonesian/ Russian/ Greek/ Lithuanian/ Catalan/ Norwegian/ Farsi/ Ukrainian/ Slovenian/ Dutch/ Filipino/ Hebrew/ Romanian/ Danish/ Urdu.

Two-way offline translation: Chinese/ English

Offline photo translation support: Chinese/ English/ Japanese/ Korean

1. Sogou Pro will assist your world travel. It can be generally used in situations of travelling, business, dining, hotels, shopping, recreation, education and more.

2. Offline translation. Languages can be translated even without internet connection. Chinese&English, Chinese&Japanese and Chinese&Korean are not offline translation supported.

3. Voice memos. With internet connection, the voice memos can be converted into text. And the memos can be shared to smart phone.

4. Photo translation. Take photo and get translated. No more difficulties of menu and road sign understanding. Sogou OCR Image Recognition Technology will provide better image quality, even in bad photo taking conditions, such as low light, ban angle and so on.

5. Oral Practice. English shadow reading is supported. Intelligent oral test. Improve your English ability. More languages are going to be supported soon, English is only supported language for now.

6. HD 3.1-inch touch screen. 800*480 retinal level resolution.

7. Wonderful noise reduction microphones. The translator will recognize and translate YOUR voice in the noisy environment accurately. 2m sound recognition range and 97% high recognition rate within 0.5m.

8. Small and compact. Size: 12.7*107mm. Weight: 128g.

Common questions

Q1: What are the advantages or features of Sogou Pro compared to the smart phone APPs?

1. Better sound recognition and capture ability. The maximum sound recognition distance is 2m, which is farther than it of smart phone.

2. Higher offline translation accuracy. Offline translation works just as well as online.

3. 1800mAh large battery capacity supports a 7-day standby time and a 3-day working time.

Q2: What is offline translation? What is online translation?

Offline translation, contents can be translated without internet connected. Offline translation is very convenient.

Online translation, without internet connect, the device cannot work.

Q3: Does is need to be connected to a smart phone? Ia APP required?

No, it can be used independently.

Q4: Is there any using requirement?

1. The system will be updated aperiodically. Before your first, please connect the device with internet and update the system to the latest version.

2. Sometimes, the battery of a new device is low, if you cannot turn on the device, please charge it first.

Q5: Is charging adaptor in the package? Can it be used internationally? How long does the battery need to be fully charged?

Charging adaptor is included. You also can use 5V charger to charge the translator.

It will need around 1.5 hours.

Q6: How to operate the voice translation?

1. In the translation interface, there are RED colored and BLUE colored languages. The colors are corresponding to RED and BLUE buttons on the right side of the translator.

2. Please press and hold the corresponding language before you speaking.

3. Press and speak, release and get translated.

Q7: In voice translation mode, what is the maximum length of each conversation which is going to be translated?

Each sentence should shorter than 30 seconds.

The translated contents will be displayed on the screen completely. You can scroll to read it all.

Q8: What is the system language? Is it able to be used by foreigner?

The system language can be set to English and Chinese.

Q9: Is this product waterproof?

Splash resistant only. Please do NOT put it in the water or wash it by water.

Q10: How does Sogou Pro connect to the internet? Does it support SIM card?

Sogou Pro does NOT support SIM card. It can connect to WIFI directly.

Q11: Does the Sogou Pro provide the exchange rate in real-time?

Every time, the translator connects to the internet, the device will get the latest data automatically.