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SENAO 6610 Portable cordless telephone SN6610 1 base support 9 extra handset Duplex Intercom A set of 1Base+3Headsets





telephone line for extension *1

telephone line for local connection *1

user manual *1

outdoor antenna *1

total weight :6KG

Functions and features:

1, frequency synthesis. 100 communication channels to prevent interference.

2 Caller ID FSK / DTMF dual mode compatible with automatic recognition.

3, voice reporting

4, no SIM card needed

5, multi-color LCD display to indicate different working status.

6, 1 host can be configured to 10 mobile phone sets, mobile phones and mobile phones can talk to each other and switching between the host.

7, micro-computer chip control, thousands of group communications and password.

8, ring tones with polyphonic sound technology,melody sounds.

9, auxiliary lighting luminous display, three colors to choose.

10, the call volume can be adjusted. Ring volume can be adjusted.

11, clock and alarm function.

12, telephone record. Available dialed calls, received calls and missed calls access to talk time.

13, DTMF / PULSE two kinds of dial-up option.

14, keypad lock and any key answer feature.

15, cell phone headset with car charger and microphone socket.

16, long distance calls, in the broad perspective, no interference can talk freely in 10-20 km

Base 12V DC 6A 250V round 2 pin supply only

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