ССК SW001 Wi-Fi внешний жесткий диск Smart адаптер для жесткого диска Personal Cloud Storage автоматического резервного копирования изменить жесткий диск ...

ССК SW001 Wi-Fi внешний жесткий диск Smart адаптер для жесткого диска Personal Cloud Storage автоматического резервного копирования изменить жесткий диск ...


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How to Use: Connect a normal storage to SSK smart wireless adapter with USB cable, then the normal Storage will become a personal cloud. So that you can easily wireless manage U disk, Hard disk, CF/TF/SD Card data by Mobile phone/Computer;and also freely remote access the data in storage by smart phones/pc at anywhere;

Settings Tips

1. After connecting, Mobile phone SSKCloud App home page, ‘Hard disk’ capacity shows ‘0’, or no display anything, that means hard disk has not recognized by SSKCloud Adapter(Mostly because of less power, please use another power supply such as 5V/2A or connect another USB devices such as USB flash drive, if can read, that means power is not enough, as USB flash drive requires less power than Hard drive.) 2. We have tested our adapter which can support 3.5 inch hard disk up to 8TB, 10TB, 14TB, but if hard disk have data above 4TB,it will influence the App read data speed; and each folder don\'t suggest to over 3000 files or photos, otherwise folders will lose some files on app; in order to have a better experience, we can divide the folder to several folders; 3. If Connect two hard drives to SSK Adapter( Through HUB), at least 5V/2.4A USB Charger provide power to SSK Adapter, 3.5inch hard drive need its original power supply to provide power; Mobile phone App will show Hard disk capacity and an External Storage capacity.These hard drives data can share with each other.


• WIFI Solution: MT7620(300Mbps,IEE802.11b/g/n),High speed transfer.

• APP Management: Easily to operate even for kids and the aged.

• Multi-terminal: Users can access the storage at the same time.

• Support Samba Protocol: Smart TVs, laptops and mobil phones can share the data that in the nomal storage freely.

• Easily data manage and auto backup

• Multi-platform:IOS,Android,Windows,MAC OSare available.

• Connector: USB host, RJ45 port, Micro USB Port.



Product Type: WIFI Intelligent Storage

MCU:MT7620N Module

OS:Non intelligent system

RAM:64MB(DDR2) ROM:External Router Function: AP+Client,AP+WAN Bridge,AP+WAN LED Indicator: Support Connection Protocol: P2P Power: 5V/1A(Micro USB)(the power plug need at least 1A) Standby Power: 2.1W APP: SSKCloud OTG: Support Extended: HDD/SSD Support hard disk format:NTFS、FAT、FAT32 Wi-Fi Transmission: 300Mbps

Picture format: JPG, TIFF, JIF, BMP

Audio format : MP3, AAC, m4a, wav, aiff

Video format: MP4, MOV, m4v, avi, M-JPEG, RMVB, support 720P and 1080P

Document format :Keynote, numbers, page, excel , word, pdf, txt, ppt

Connection : Support 10 devices connect at the same time(Max); Support 4 routs of 720P simulcast or 2 routes of 1080P

Remote access: Based on UID point to point remote access

please connect the hard disk first, then plug in power

​Note:This device support 2.5/3.5inch hard disks of any capacity, but 3.5 inch and more than 2 hard disks need extra power supply