СПЦ наушники Беспроводной наушники Bluetooth наушники гарнитура наушники для телефона с загрузочной коробки Bluetooth наушники

СПЦ наушники Беспроводной наушники Bluetooth наушники гарнитура наушники для телефона с загрузочной коробки Bluetooth наушники


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TWS Earbuds Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphone Stereo Headset Earphone For Phone With Charging Box Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Bluetooth earbuds Features:

1.Real wireless Earplug, get rid of all wired control, smart connections or using separately

2.High defination isolation and noise reduction, piston type, noise cancelling.

3.The rechargeble house can be supplied to two earphones for 5 cycle recharge

4.Earphones are full of eletricity, which can support up to 3 hours of telephone or music playback time.

5.Pure high quality sound for compatible devices by equipping with bluetooth 5.0 chip and stable bluetooth signal.

6.You can play any audio files of the paired bluetooth device.

7.Built-in microphone hands-free phone

8.Waterproof, antiperspirant

9.Comfortabie and lightweight in ear design.

10.The Earplug charge with light ice blue color, but the color of the headset have little difference, it is normal phenomenon, please don’t worry.

11.Our earphone have paired by us, so you don’t need to paring them agian. Please charging them fully after received our S7 earphone at first.

Wireless Earbuds Parameter:

Bluetooth: V5.0 Transmission

Range: 10m (free space)

Earplug weight(each): 5g

Charging box: 500mAh, 65g

Frequency reponse: 20HZ-16kHz

S/N: 95dB(A-weigh)

Battery capacity: Earplus weight (each) 55mAh

Battery charging time: Earphone 90 minutes, Charging box 3 hours

Battery use time: About 3 hours of music time

Support audio codec: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP

How to connect twins earphones to bluetooth?

Dear friend, in order to use it more easier, we have already paired these twins earphones, so you do not need to pair them again.

After you received the earphones, please do it with my below steps:

1.Please make sure the mobile phone bluetooth is turned off.

2.Just Click the centre of the earphone at the same time (press both earphones for 3-5 seconds, until you see both earphone show blue light, the blue light will light up three times)

3.And then you will see the both earphones display alternating red with blue light for 5-7seconds, next the blue light will light up three times again. After that, you will see only one earphone showing the alternating red with blue light, another is turned off, also you will hear a voice which say “connected”.

4.After power on the earphones, please open you mobile phone bluetooth and wait a moment, find the name "S7", then connect it, the both earphones will working together. ( This time will cost about 7-10 seconds).

5.(TWS state) the Multn function button of any one headset is held for 5 seconds until the red LED indicator flashes for 3 seconds, and the hint “ Power Off ” confirms that the machine is shut down, one earphone is shut down and the other will turn off automatically.

If it is not working properly, please feel free leave us message, we will help you solve it as soon as possible.

Package Included:

1 x user manual

1 x charging box

1 pair x bluetooth headsets

3 pairs x replacement silica gel

1 x micro USB charging cable

1 x retail package case

We have 3 different color of the charging box, but the headsets color are same, If there any problem, please leave us message first, hope we can know the situation of your using at the time first. Thanks!