L698 беспроводной 15 Вт studio bluetooth микрофон для видео запись компьютер FM автомобиля караоке mikrofon microfono mic

L698 беспроводной 15 Вт studio bluetooth микрофон для видео запись компьютер FM автомобиля караоке mikrofon microfono mic


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  • When connect to the singing APP of your mobile phone, ipad and so on, you can sing karaoke as in KTV;

  • Can work as wireless microphone, a good helper in teaching, speech, selling and so on;

  • Support Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). After Pairing with Bluetooths devices, then you can enjoy music wirelessly;

  • When playing MP3 music through Bluetooths, you can delete human singing sound if you want to sing only with accompaniment sound;

  • With 87.5/108MHz FM transmitter, you can connect to your car and then sing Karaoke in the car, you can use with some radio speakers together to make every corner can hear the sound from microphone;

  • Adopt high cost moving coil microphone core and 15W large output speaker;

  • With 2pcs 2000mAh rechargeable 18650 lithium battery, can be charged by connecting USB charging cable to computer or USB power adapter, or by universal charger, etc;

  • Charging indicator will turn green after fully charged;


1) Input power: 5V 1000MA

2) Maximum output: 15W

3) Battery capacity: 4000mAh rechargeable 18650 battery

4) Bluetooth Version: 2.1

5) Signal to Noise: 87dB

7) Frequency response: 100HZ-18KHZ

8) Loud Speaker: 52MM 4Ω 15W

9) FM 87.5/108 transmitting distance: about 20 meters

10) Effective Bluetooth connection distance: 10 meters

11) Charging time: 4-5hrs

12) Play time: 3-10hrs

13) Size: L280*W62*H62mm

15W Speaker

Much bigger sound out of imagination

3D Enviromental sound, Shocking bass

Close to the real music performance

Dynamic Mic

A good mic is the core of a microphone!

A dynamic mic is the 1st time used to a Bluetooth karaoke microphone

This make the portable karaoke to be stronger!

Smart DSP IC

Imported Smart IC

KTV effect, Concert Hall effect, Nature sound effect

One key to switch the Original sing/ Accompaniment

When you listen to the songs from smart phone APP, such as YouTube; Press >= for 3 seconds on L698, the Original sing will disappear, only Accompaniment. So it is your time to Sing!

Karaoke in the car

You need L-698 Bluetooth Microphone speaker

1. Turn on the car’s radio to FM 87.5, then press the key “87.5/108” on the microphone.

2. You hear “Di” sound, that means connected.

4000Mah Battery, working time >10 hours.